Croatia again then bosnia again and then croatia for the last time

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Bosnia and croatia are interlinked in a some fun and confusing ways and I’m just happy that you don’t need a visa to get over each of the border crossings. So we did a quick stint of riding along the croatia adriatic coast before stopping for teh night in the only city in bosnia that is on the coast. We stayed in an old lady’s field that shes kinda tried to convert into a camp ground. pretty funny but after the heat on the coast we really needed a shower.

Then we cruised along the coast to the town of trsteno, 17 klm short of dubrovnik. The campgrouund there was run by a old brother and sister that had roots in the aristocracy of south america. We decided to stay there for a few days to give our bums a very deserving break and to explore dubrovnik. It was great to stay just outside of the range of teh tourists that swamp dubrovnik. It is an awesome city and there are ways to explore it without being elbowed a million times an hour by the cruiseships full of picturebook tourists and we loved it. The bars that sit just outside the city wall are reason enough to go and for some reason they aren’t crowded and so are ace. swimming in the shadow of teh huge fortificationsis spectacular.

The coast of croatia is so different from the interior that we saw. Almost all of the evidence of war has been erased and the area is prosperous. That may be because every second car was a tourist from some other part of europe. It is some seriously stunning coastline though.

After three days off the bikes we were raring to go again and set off on the day’s ride to the montenegran border but thast will be a new story.


One little tale of fun in dubrovnik was that on the morning that we were going to leave I couldn’t find my wallet to pay. We looked and looked but it was no where to be found in any of our stuff. The last time that we had seen it was the day before getting on teh bus back to camp. It was in the shopping bag. So after a bit of searching and figuring options we thought that we’d check with the driver of one of the buses that pass by. It was only 10 minutes to the nex tbus so we ran up to the stop and nic went to the post office in town to get some money out with her cards to pay for the camping. The post office wouldn’t give out the money and so the bus driver was the last hope. As he pulled up I sheepishly asked if there was a lost property number to call as I’d lost my wallet on the bus the day before. Like magic he produced my wallet from his little draw and handed it over. What are the chances!!!! We were pretty stoked and there were high fives all round with the kiwi couple that were camped next to us. All the money and stuff was still in it and it was a great lifter to send us on our way.