The Bulgarian Blur

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When you have a 120 odd km downhill and a tailwind a country tends to go by in a bit of a blur. If it hadn’t have been for my serious lack of intellegence and maintenance of my bike then we would have been through the place in a day. As it happened I ignored a slowly deflating tyre until it caused a serious loss of control while going downhill through a tunnel at 45 km/h. Ouch! I lost a bit of skin from right elbow, knee and love handle. Still not as bad as Nic’s gloriously deep hole in her knee from Marseille but painful none the less. Don’t you hate it when there is no one else to blame for something but yourself? Doh! Anyway once patched up we limped another 15 km and found a really cheap but really nice hotel and stayed for the night. It gave us the oportunity to experience (wretch at) the local music. The hotel had a live duo play in their restaurant and the keyboard player and backup vocalist had an awesome habit of being able to hit two or three extra keys with each rapid stroke than he was supposed to and his voice seemed to have a range that was from just flat of teh appropriate note to lots too flat of it. I’m so glad that they finished at 11 or I would have needed to kill someone. Also I spent about half and hour laughing harder than I have for years at the bulgarian music videos. I had to turn it off in the end or I would have injured myself laughing at their impressions of how bulgarian hiphop videos should look and “blokes” that put george michael to shame. Then there were teh folk videos that were worse than the spoofs that I’ve seen comedy shows in Aus do. Just hilarious.
Thats about all we really picked up from bulgaria except that the housing and roads are generally really crap (except the main highway) but the people seem to live quite well and have nice clothes and good food and appliances.